Advice and Negotiation Tips for Shopping Used Cars

Buying a vehicle is never easy, but buying a used vehicle is downright difficult. You will get your hopes up numerous times by an ad that seems too good to be true, only to be let down when, in fact, it was too good to be true. Someone might advertise their car as “Like new! Mild wear and tear! Runs great!” when in actuality, it is very much old, has extensive wear and tear and doesn’t run at all. Yes, it happens. That is why, when shopping for used cars, you should know where to turn and how to negotiate. Don’t fall for a scam and bring home a lemon, and use the following advice to help ease the pain of your search:

Go to a Dealer

Sure, you know someone who found a great deal on Craigslist, or are even friends with that lucky person who bought a car on Ebay ten years ago and it’s still running great today. However, those people are the exceptions to the rule that states that you should never, ever shop for used cars online. Not only is it impossible to tell the true condition of a vehicle without actually seeing it, but also, you’re risking spending thousands of dollars a car that may take a dump on you ten minutes after purchasing it. Then, because there is no warranty, you’re stuck with an old car that doesn’t run and no money to fix it.

Find the Car You Want

Before you head to the dealership, know what you’re looking for. If you head to the dealership without a clue, you may end up purchasing a vehicle that is over your budget and all wrong for your needs. Identify the traits you need in a new used car: good gas mileage, three rows, ample storage space, etc. Once you do this, set a budget and head to the dealer.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiating for a fair price might be the most daunting part of the car buying process, but it’s necessary. Dealerships expect you to negotiate and price their cars accordingly. Use all the knowledge you have regarding the vehicle to bring the price down.

Use the tips above when shopping for used cars to get the best your money can buy.

Four Advantages of Dealership Financing

Every car buyer wants to get the best financing rates possible. With banks, credit unions, and financing companies all competing for loan business, it can difficult to know what lender will provide the best loan terms. If you are searching for car loans, you might be surprised to find out that often the dealership offers the best option for automobile financing. Here are four advantages of getting a loan from the car dealership.

Financing Deals

Dealerships frequently offer promotional deals that other lending institutions don’t. If you can take advantage of one of these programs, you can save a tremendous amount over the life of your car loan. For example, a dealership might offer zero percent interest for the first year. That kind of deal can save you thousands of dollars.


Most dealerships sell many cars each year. Most of those cars require financing. Because they are in the business of selling financed cars, most dealerships now exactly the kind of loan terms they can offer and accept. This can help you get a better deal, even if you have shaky credit.

Refinancing Options

If you secure a car loan at the dealership and later decide that you can obtain better financing elsewhere, you have the option to refinance. That’s because dealerships do not bind you to sticking with their loan. Many buyers find this flexibility to be a major draw when purchasing a vehicle.


Financing your vehicle at the dealership offers a tremendous amount of convenience for busy buyers. With separate financing, you might have to visit several lenders and complete many different applications. When you work with the dealer, you can take care of financing during the sales process.

When shopping for car loans, every buyer wants to get the best loan terms possible. Financing at the dealership offers many benefits for most buyers.